Inject fun in API requests

I have been using the Paw (now RapidAPI) HTTP client for quite some time - actually, more than six years now! I find it particularly useful as I work with multiple different REST APIs. The features this client provides are impressive, even predating the emergence of Postman.

What are dynamic values?

Dynamic values in an HTTP client are a game-changer for handling data that changes frequently or is generated at runtime. They allow you to insert values that get evaluated or fetched when the request is made, rather than being hardcoded. This can include things like current timestamps, unique session IDs, or tokens that need to be refreshed regularly. For instance, you might use dynamic values to automatically insert a current OAuth token, ensuring your authentication is always up-to-date without manual intervention.

Inject some fun!

Every time I make a request to an API, instead of sending the standard, somewhat boring User-Agent header, I prefer to inject some fun, especially in a development environment. As software engineers, we enjoy solving complex problems, but sometimes, we should have a bit of fun too.


Do check out my pawxtensions repository. Simply copy and paste extensions into the extensions directory, reload, and off you go.