Saying goodbye to stuff

As it has been a while since the last post, I decided to spend some time this morning to reflect on what has changed since then, more than one year later.

After my son was born, I have changed my perception of time! The reduction of free time didn’t slip by unnoticed, which isn’t that bad at all as it allowed me to realise how naive some of my assumptions were. But most importantly, it made me realise how valuable time really is, every minute of it. It’s easy to lose track and to fail to notice how the small things, efforts, anything really, adds up over time. Quite a few things that made sense last year now simply doesn’t anymore, as I simply don’t have time for it. Currently, I’m in the middle of donating and selling everything I haven’t touched for a while. Saying goodbye to a ridiculous amount of gaming consoles and games, which, surprisingly to me, wasn’t that hard at all.

Now I’m seeing the beauty in owning less, which genuinely is a fantastic journey of self-exploration.