TL;DR: This week in AI, Meta unveiled MEGALODON, a language model that surpasses context limitations, while researchers have optimized Daredevil-8B, uncensoring it, while restoring performance. In Cybersecurity, numerous data breaches have occurred with Snowflake and Tile Tracker customers exposed. AI trends include Apple’s advancements in reinforcement learning-based human-computer interaction and Dream Machine's AI model generating realistic videos from text and images. In gadgets, iOS 18 introduces satellite messaging and AirPods Pro 2 expects updates including head gestures and voice isolation. In science, an alternative theory to dark matter was proposed and Earth likely faced a cosmic snowball 2-3 million years ago.

Artificial Intelligence

Apple’s AI Revolution: Unpacking the Future of Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning (~13 min.) : Apple’s recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have significant implications for reinforcement learning-based human-computer interaction (RLHF). The company has developed a small language model that can be fine-tuned for specific tasks, using adapters to load relevant information into memory. This approach, along with the use of quantization to train and deploy AI models on devices with limited memory resources, holds promise for creating more personalized AI experiences.

Unleashing Uncensored Brilliance: Daredevil-8B’s Abliteration Revival! (~13 min.) : Researchers applied abliteration to the language model Daredevil-8B to “uncensor” it and remove its ability to generate harmful responses. However, this modification resulted in a degraded performance of the model. To recover this loss, they fine-tuned the model using DPO (Daredevil-8B Performance Optimization) and created a new model called NeuralDaredevil-8B.

Unlock the Power of Imagination: Dream Machine AI Model Creates Realistic Videos from Text and Images in Minutes! (~1 min.) : Dream Machine is an AI model that generates high-quality, realistic videos quickly from text and images. This scalable and efficient transformer model was trained directly on videos to produce physically accurate, consistent, and eventful shots. The technology aims to build a universal imagination engine and is now available for everyone to try. The Dream Machine team is continuing to develop the model, addressing current limitations, and working towards new features such as morphing movement and text-to-video capabilities.

Scaling Up: The Quest for Reliable and Efficient Large-Scale Model Training (~7 min.) : As AI research and development shift towards solving increasingly complex problems, the scale of computation required for training large language models (LLMs) has become a significant challenge. To overcome this hurdle, experts are innovating across the infrastructure stack, including training software, scheduling, hardware, data center deployment, reliability, network, and storage. Key considerations include ensuring hardware reliability, fast recovery from failures, efficient preservation of training state, and optimal connectivity between GPUs. As AI continues to evolve, the need for innovative solutions will only grow, pushing experts to adapt and innovate in new ways.

Unleashing the Beast: Meet MEGALODON, the Language Model That Defies Context Limitations (~3 min.) : Researchers from Meta, USC, CMU, and UCSD have open-sourced MEGALODON, a large language model (LLM) that can handle unlimited context lengths. Unlike traditional LLMs built on Transformer architecture, MEGALODON uses chunk-wise attention and sequence-based parallelism during training, allowing it to outperform similar-sized models like Llama 2 on various benchmarks. The model’s linear computational complexity makes it more efficient than traditional Transformers, which have quadratic complexity.


Tile Tracker Hack: Thief Taps Into Database, Steals Customer Data (~2 min.) : A hacker breached Life360’s systems, compromising customer data from Tile device trackers, including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. The stolen information was intended for law enforcement to identify Tile tracker owners, but did not include precise location data. Life360 CEO Chris Hulls confirmed the hack and reported it to authorities, stating that the hacker attempted to extort the company. While little sensitive data was accessed, the incident has raised concerns about customer privacy and security.

Snowflake Hack: Malicious Actors Steal ‘Significant Volume’ of Data from Hundreds of Customers (~2 min.) : A “significant volume” of data has been stolen from hundreds of Snowflake cloud storage customers due to compromised login credentials. The breach is linked to previous incidents at Ticketmaster, Santander Bank, and LendingTree. Mandiant, a security firm, found that the UNC5537 group systematically compromises Snowflake accounts using stolen login credentials, which date back to 2020, to steal data and sell it on cybercriminal forums or extort victims. The breaches were likely due to poor security practices by impacted accounts, including lack of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and network allow lists.


Apple’s Triple Threat: Enforceable Guarantees, Non-Targetability & Verifiable Transparency Unleash Ultimate User Privacy (~20 min.) : Apple’s Private Cloud Compute (PCC) is a secure cloud architecture designed to provide end-to-end encryption and computation while protecting user data. Key features include stateless computation, enforceable guarantees, no privileged access, non-targetability, and verifiable transparency. The system addresses various attack scenarios through techniques such as target diffusion, OHTTP relay, and code signing, ensuring that only authorized code has access to user data. Overall, PCC is a comprehensive security architecture for cloud AI compute at scale, prioritizing user privacy and security.


Murder, Mystery, & Robots: Apple TV+ Whodunit ‘Sunny’ Ditches Dramatic for Hilarious! (~1 min.) : Apple TV+ has released a trailer for its upcoming series “Sunny”, a comedy-mystery that follows Suzie Sakamoto (Rashida Jones) as she investigates her husband’s presumed death in modern-day Japan. The show appears to be a whodunit with plenty of twists and turns, including the introduction of a bobble-headed domestic robot named Sunny. As Suzie navigates her new life as a widow, she uncovers secrets about her husband’s hidden life, leading to a mix of dramatic moments and comedic relief. “Sunny” is set to debut on July 10th.


Get Ready to Dive into Immersive Cinema: Blackmagic’s URSA Cine Immersive Teaser Reveals Mind-Blowing Resolution and Dynamic Range! (~3 min.) : Blackmagic Design has announced the URSA Cine Immersive, a new camera designed to capture content for Apple Vision Pro with 8160 x 7200 resolution per eye and 16 stops of dynamic range. The camera is still in development but will likely be based on the Blackmagic URSA Cine 17K platform, capable of capturing more than 200 megapixels. The new camera features a custom lens system and captures content into a Blackmagic RAW Immersive file format, which maps immersive lens data for simplified post-production workflows.

Tiny but Mighty: Insta360 GO 3S Action Camera Packs 4K Video, Wireless Display and More! (~3 min.) : The Insta360 GO 3S is an updated action camera that can capture Dolby Vision-ready 4K resolution videos at 30fps, with improved computing power and a new wide-angle lens for reduced distortion. The camera features native waterproofing up to 33 feet, compatibility with Apple’s Find My network, and a hand gesture feature for starting/stopping recording or taking photos. It also includes an Interval Video mode for hands-free shooting and an AI-powered Auto Edit function for combining clips into one long video. The device is available in 64GB and 128GB variants, priced at $400 and $430 respectively.

AirPods Pro 2 Update: Head Gestures, Voice Isolation, and Immersive Audio Coming Soon! (~3 min.) : Apple has released new beta firmware for AirPods Pro 2 with build number 7A5220e, which includes features like head gestures for controlling Siri and Voice Isolation to reduce background noise. The update may also bring Personalized Spatial Audio specifically designed for gaming. Additionally, the article touches on upcoming iPhone 17 features and iOS 18 beta release, as well as Apple’s new AI service “Apple Intelligence” with opt-in features for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15.

Send SOS Texts from Space: iOS 18 Unlocks Satellite Messaging for iPhone 14 Users! (~3 min.) : Apple is expanding its Emergency SOS via satellite feature to include Messages via satellite, allowing iPhone 14 or later users to send and receive iMessages and SMS messages without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The feature will work with all iMessage features, including encryption and Tapbacks, but pricing has not been announced. Apple plans to eventually charge for satellite services, but no pricing has been unveiled. This new feature is part of iOS 18, which is expected to be released soon.


Earth’s Icy Encounter: Did Our Planet Survive a Cosmic Snowball 2-3 Million Years Ago? (~38 min.) : A recent study published in Nature Astronomy suggests that the Earth may have been directly exposed to the cold dense interstellar medium approximately 2-3 million years ago. The research, led by Merav Opher and colleagues, uses computer simulations and observations to investigate the possibility of a direct exposure to the interstellar medium during this time period. The findings provide new insights into the Earth’s interaction with the surrounding space environment and have implications for our understanding of the solar system’s evolution.

Gravity Without Mass: Alternative Theory Emerges to Rethink Dark Matter Mystery (~5 min.) : A new theory proposed by Dr. Richard Lieu at the University of Alabama in Huntsville suggests that gravity can exist without mass, potentially mitigating the need for dark matter. According to Lieu, concentric sets of shell-like topological defects could be responsible for the excess gravity necessary to bind galaxies and clusters together, rather than requiring additional unknown matter. This theory is based on the idea that these shells can create a gravitational force despite having zero mass, allowing objects to interact with each other without the need for dark matter. While this proposal does not rule out the existence of dark matter entirely, it provides an alternative explanation for the observed gravitational effects.

Everything Else

Pi in the Sky: Raspberry Computing Giant Spins Off as Public Company! (~2 min.) : Raspberry Pi, the maker of tiny single-board computers, has gone public with an IPO on the London Stock Exchange, priced at £2.80 per share and valuing the company at £542 million (approximately $690 million). The shares jumped 32% to £3.70 shortly after listing, indicating a potential raise of over $200 million. This listing marks a win for the London stock market, as many UK tech companies often choose to go public in the US. Raspberry Pi is known for its affordable and energy-efficient computers that have gained popularity among hobbyists and industrial companies alike. The company has sold 60 million units since its inception and generated $266 million in revenue and $66 million in gross profit in 2023 alone.

Google’s Hot New Plan: Geothermal Datacenters that’ll Cool the Planet (Literally)! (~1 min.) : Google has announced plans to build geothermal-powered data centers, reducing its reliance on traditional cooling systems. The technology uses heat from the Earth’s core to cool equipment, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This initiative marks a significant step towards Google’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. The first geothermal-powered data center is expected to be built in Europe, with further locations planned globally.

Preserve Human Knowledge: Unlock the Ultimate Unified List of Torrents! (~4 min.) : The “ultimate unified list” of academic and cultural knowledge is being preserved through a collaborative effort by Anna’s Archive, Library Genesis, Sci-Hub, and others. The list includes over 521TB of data, with 60% already copied in at least four locations. The goal is to achieve 100% duplication across multiple sites for long-term preservation. The article also provides details on how users can help by seeding torrents, which represent a vast majority of human knowledge that can be mirrored in bulk.

Rocket Fuel: India’s Agnikul Blasts Off with 3D-Printed Engine, Paving Way for ‘On-Demand’ Small Satellite Launches! (~4 min.) : Agnikul, an Indian startup, has successfully launched a suborbital rocket featuring the world’s first 3D-printed rocket engine as a single piece. The engine was printed in just 72 hours and powered a single-stage rocket to an altitude of 6.5 kilometers. This innovative approach could enable “on-demand” launch services for small satellites, reducing manufacturing time and costs. Agnikul plans to commercialize its technology with a two-stage rocket called Agnibaan, which will be able to carry a 300-kg payload to an altitude of around 700 km.

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