TL;DR: GitHub and Polar launch a funding model for open-source sustainability. Apple disables PWAs on iPhones in the EU for compliance, sparking debate. OpenAI's Sora advances video AI, while Google's Gemini 1.5 enhances developer tools. Microsoft fights AI-exploiting cyber threats. New Raspberry Pi-powered module upgrades gaming on Flipper Zero. X-Men '97 and Lemmings' anniversary highlight entertainment milestones. A week of tech innovation, security developments, and digital nostalgia.

Technology News

GitHub and Polar Unite for Open-Source Funding Innovation : GitHub and Polar’s partnership introduces a subscription-based funding model for open-source developers, aiming to make project development financially sustainable. Spearheaded by Polar’s founder Birk Jernström, this model offers developers tools for securing recurring funding, allowing them to focus on innovation and business development. With benefits like lower service fees and community engagement through Discord, this initiative not only supports developers but also enhances the open-source ecosystem by fostering closer connections between creators and their supporters.

Apple’s Strategic Shift Disables iPhone Web Apps in EU : Apple has intentionally disabled Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on iPhones in the EU, citing the Digital Markets Act’s requirements for supporting multiple browser engines as the reason. The move, framed as a compliance effort with EU regulations, has sparked debate over Apple’s motives, suggesting a balancing act between maintaining iOS security and adhering to new market rules. Critics argue this impacts user and developer experience, while Apple claims it’s a necessary measure for security and privacy.

Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI Unveils Sora: The Next Leap in Generative Video Models : OpenAI introduces Sora, a revolutionary generative video model capable of creating detailed, high-definition video clips from text descriptions. Sora showcases advancements in handling complex video generation tasks, such as maintaining object consistency and realistic 3D composition. While promising, its release is pending further safety evaluations to mitigate potential misuse in generating photorealistic videos. This development signifies a significant step forward in AI’s capability to produce complex video content.

Gemini 1.5: Google’s Next-Gen AI for Developers : Google introduces Gemini 1.5, leveraging a Mixture-of-Experts approach for enhanced efficiency. Available for Private Preview, this model offers a groundbreaking 1 million token context window, unlocking new use cases for developers. Gemini 1.5 Pro is designed for multimodal interactions, enabling deep analysis of large texts, codebases, and even hour-long videos, promising a new level of AI-powered productivity and creativity in Google AI Studio.


Microsoft Identifies State-Sponsored Hackers Utilizing AI Tools : Microsoft has detected state-backed hackers from China, Russia, and Iran exploiting its AI technologies, notably from OpenAI, to advance their cyber operations. Implementing a ban on such groups, Microsoft aims to prevent misuse while navigating the complexities of AI in cybersecurity. This move highlights the growing concerns over AI’s dual-use potential in enhancing cyber threats alongside its beneficial applications.


Introducing the Raspberry Pi-Powered Video Game Module for Flipper Zero : Flipper Devices Inc. announces a new Video Game Module for Flipper Zero, developed with Raspberry Pi’s RP2040 microcontroller. This module adds a video out port for TV connection, a motion-tracking sensor, and is fully open-source. It’s designed to fit snugly with Flipper Zero, offering enhanced gaming and app experiences on larger screens, with technical specs including dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, 264kB SRAM, and DVI-D video signal output.


Nostalgic Return with X-Men ‘97 on Disney Plus : The debut trailer for Disney Plus’ X-Men ‘97 revives the beloved animated series, continuing the saga of Charles Xavier’s mutants. With humanity still against them, the series promises a mix of old and new challenges, including potential new Sentinels and deeper dives into comic plots. The anticipation builds for its release on March 20th, bringing back iconic characters and the unforgettable theme song.

Everything Else

Celebrating 33 Years of Lemmings: A Game That Defined a Generation : Lemmings, a game that became a cultural icon and catalyzed Scotland’s game development industry, celebrates its 33rd anniversary. Originating from DMA Design, now Rockstar North, Lemmings was praised for its innovative puzzle mechanics and engaging gameplay. Its impact extended beyond entertainment, influencing the puzzle genre and inspiring a generation of game developers. The legacy of Lemmings lives on, reflecting its role in shaping the gaming landscape.

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